Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to make your treadmill effective

Ok so I love to sweat while I workout and the biggest way to do that is run, right? Not necessarily. You might sweat a lot but you won't burn a lot of fat when you are at the same pace and incline the entire time. Intervals are the best way to burn more fat within the least amount of time. I recently found this workout on Pinterest and I absolutely love it!

This workout will whip you into shape quick, fast, and in a hurry! :)
*Be sure to warm-up at an incline of 0 and pace of 3.5 for 1 minute
Run at speed 7 for one minute
walk on 15 incline speed 4 for 3 minutes
Repeat 8 times

If this gets to be too intense for you as a beginner then set the incline and pace lower until you can work your body into the shape it needs to be in to complete this workout. BUT DON'T GO EASY ON YOUR BODY!!! A workout is not supposed to be easy!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

At Home Make-Up Setting Spray

SO spring break 2013 is quickly approaching, have any plans? Panama City Beach? I'm sure most college students are spring break-ing on a budget. This new product I came across is PERFECT for those lengthy hot days on the beach as well as the long nights spent clubbing. It is a setting spray that is super easy to make on your own and will leave your make-up looking flawless for those moments when things start to "HEAT" up! :) 

What is a setting spray used for? Setting sprays are used to keep your make-up lasting longer as well as toning down the "caki-ness" your foundation may appear. As an added bonus, setting spray is a great moisturizer and can help to give your hair the natural shine you always want to have. (The setting sprays in this picture above are offered at Sephora for $30!!!)

(For less than $5) you will need: 
Glycerin (Can be found at any local drugstore, or even craft stores!)
Tap Water
Spray bottle

Mixtures according to skin types:
Combination skin (T-Zone) : Mix 1/4 Glycerin and 3/4 Water 
Oily skin: Mix 1/5 Glycerin and 4/5 Water 
Dry Skin: Mix 1/3 Glycerin and 2/3 Water

If your skin tends to have a redness to it try adding 1 part rose water. Also, if your mixture feels sticky try adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

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