Monday, March 4, 2013

At Home Make-Up Setting Spray

SO spring break 2013 is quickly approaching, have any plans? Panama City Beach? I'm sure most college students are spring break-ing on a budget. This new product I came across is PERFECT for those lengthy hot days on the beach as well as the long nights spent clubbing. It is a setting spray that is super easy to make on your own and will leave your make-up looking flawless for those moments when things start to "HEAT" up! :) 

What is a setting spray used for? Setting sprays are used to keep your make-up lasting longer as well as toning down the "caki-ness" your foundation may appear. As an added bonus, setting spray is a great moisturizer and can help to give your hair the natural shine you always want to have. (The setting sprays in this picture above are offered at Sephora for $30!!!)

(For less than $5) you will need: 
Glycerin (Can be found at any local drugstore, or even craft stores!)
Tap Water
Spray bottle

Mixtures according to skin types:
Combination skin (T-Zone) : Mix 1/4 Glycerin and 3/4 Water 
Oily skin: Mix 1/5 Glycerin and 4/5 Water 
Dry Skin: Mix 1/3 Glycerin and 2/3 Water

If your skin tends to have a redness to it try adding 1 part rose water. Also, if your mixture feels sticky try adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

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